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1. The tournament is organised by Cartamundi Services NV, with registered offices at Visbeekstraat 22, 2300 Turnhout, and its branches (hereinafter both individually and collectively referred to as Cartamundi).

2. These competition rules apply to all competitions, excluding those competitions that have their own rules, which shall always prevail over the present rules.

3. Cartamundi attaches a great deal of importance to sportsmanship, fairness and competitiveness during games, competitions and tournaments, as well as in its general philosophy, with the goal of allowing as many players as possible to have a positive experience of the fun and magic of the game.
Therefore, the games, competitions or tournaments organised by Cartamundi are aimed at players who subscribe to these values and who are considered "dedicated players" by Cartamundi.

Procedure of the competition

4. The tournament is played weekly.

5. The tournament restarts weekly.

6. The tournament restarts every Monday at 00h00 (Belgian time zone, UTC +1) and ends the next Monday at 00h00 (UTC +1).

7. The rules of the game played during the tournament are shown in the "Play That Card" app under rules of the game of the game in question. The tournament thus follows these rules of the game as well.

8. In order to be ranked in the tournament, a player must act like a dedicated player.

9. In order to be included in the ranking, a player must have played a round at least 10 times. Only from then on are points granted for the entirety of the games played, calculated according to the system of scoring for the ranking.

10. The winner of the tournament is the player who has obtained the highest score.

11. In case of a tie, i.e. when people have the same score, the following rules apply for determining the ranking. The person with the highest number of deals will be first. If the number of deals between players is the same, the player who has been the first to take part in the tournament has priority in the ranking.

12. By taking part in the tournament, the player acknowledges and accepts the use of AI robots as opponents when there are not enough physical opponents available when he or she wishes to play a game within the tournament.

13. If Cartamundi discovers that a participant does not adhere to the values that befit a "dedicated player", Cartamundi reserves the right to temporarily or permanently remove the player from the ranking or exclude the player either only from this tournament or from all tournaments to come.
The following situations are examples of situations in which the player is not considered dedicated. Please note, this list is not exhaustive.

13.1 When Cartamundi notices that a player has applied dishonest practices that influence the ranking or the positive playing experience of other players, and thus ruining the game.

13.2 Leaving a game prematurely with the purpose of avoiding losing that game, or, if done systematically, influencing ranking.
This behaviour is detected, and if the tolerance values (with the main purpose of offsetting any possible internet-related instability) are exceeded, this can be a reason to remove a player from the ranking (possibly temporarily).


14. The first prize of the tournament amounts to 1000 coins. Players 2 to 10 in the ranking each receive 250 coins, players 21 to 50 receive 100 coins and players 51 to 100 each receive 50 coins.

15. The prizes won cannot be exchanged for other products, services or money, unless explicitly stated otherwise in a competition’s specific rules.

16. A prize cannot be shared and must be accepted as granted.

17. The prize is not granted automatically after winning; people must go and collect the prize themselves after the tournament. This is done via the tournament page in the "Play That card" app and the COLLECT REWARD button.

Conditions of participation

18. Only registered "Play That Card" players can participate in the tournament.

19. However, minors may only take part in the tournament if they have explicit permission from one of their parents or a guardian. If a minor participates in a competition, Cartamundi will assume that he or she has his or her parents’/guardian’s permission. If the minor cannot demonstrate this permission, he or she can be refused further participation in the competition at any time, or his or her right to a prize may be cancelled.

20. Cartamundi staff and their direct first degree family members are excluded from participating in some of the tournaments. This will always be stated in the specific rules for the tournament.

21. 500 coins are requested for participation in the tournament.

22. In case of irregularities, such as errors occurring at Cartamundi itself, Cartamundi autonomously decides how this error will be corrected and handled.

23. Typing, gaming, printing or other such mistakes cannot be invoked as a reason for claiming damages or any other obligation on the part of Cartamundi. Unforeseen cases are processed by the organisers. All decisions are binding.


24. Cartamundi retains the right to change, postpone, shorten or cancel the tournament or a part of it if circumstances require. Cartamundi cannot be held liable for that.

25. There shall be no correspondence (letters, emails and/or phone calls) about the competition rules, the organisation and/or the outcome of the competition. All additional notifications and/or publications with regard to the competition are considered part of the rules. All decisions by Cartamundi are final.

26. The stipulations of the "Play That Card" EULA and its accompanying Privacy Policy always apply.

Personal data

27. Personal data that Cartamundi collects about the participants are included in the stipulations set forth in Cartamundi’s privacy policy. They can be found on the "Play That Card" website or read in the "Play That Card" app.

The rules

28. By participating in the tournament, the participants fully and unconditionally accept these rules, the EULA and the Privacy Policy of "Play That Card".
Participating in the competition implies acceptance of the limitations of the internet, specifically the technical performance, the risk of interruptions and, more generally, all risks that are inherent to any online activity.

29. By participating, the participant explicitly acknowledges and accepts being aware of and accepting the competition rules, and relinquishes any claim towards the organisers, including any claim regarding the stipulations of the these competition rules.

30. In case of abuse, deception or fraud, Cartamundi explicitly reserves the right to exclude the participant(s) involved from participation in this and/or other Cartamundi competitions.

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